AquaOx Filters

Address: 720 Old Clemson Rd Suite L, Columbia, SC 29229, USA
Hours: 9AM–5PM
Phone: +1 855-826-1130


AquaOx unites science and technology with extreme fluidity. Water passes through six different filter media— arranged in layers within the purification tank. Each successive layer, which contains a generous quantity of the required media, has been scientifically engineered to remove a specific set of contaminants. Each layer has also been optimized to ensure sufficient water contact time for removal of the targeted impurities.

Vortech™ plates keep the media separated at two key points and are used in conjunction with the sanitizing backwash feature to keep the media layers clean and fluffy. Cleaning is critical because it minimizes the degradation of the filter media.

The Vortech™ plates also minimize channeling, which is when water finds the quickest path through the filter media, thereby diminishing filtering effectiveness.

Simply put, the science and technology behind AquaOx delivers a more thorough and long-lasting purification process. No competitor has AquaOx’s combination of features or matches the effectiveness of the AquaOx anywhere near its price.


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